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Body massage has long been considered as one of the best way of relaxing your body from every days mental and physical stress. Massage therapy is a great way to relax yourself after long days of work. Massage is sometimes done by using the hands, but in fact the full body can be used as a massage instrument. We give massage on a bed, in a sensual room, with great music to get your mood right. After a lovely refreshing shower from our beautiful ladies to wash out all daily tensions, you lay down on a massage bed of our massage center in Kolkata . The massage will start by scanning your body to know if you have hidden knots in your muscles. With his hand the massage therapist first will help you relax completely and make you forget all the worries of the day. Not only Your back, buttocks, legs, feet but also your shoulders , hands and will be massaged by the therapists of the best massage parlour in kolkata. Over the year we have served a lot of customer and giving the best body massage in Kolkata to all of our clients.

So are you looking for a great body massage in Kolkata? You have come to the right place. We are one of the top body massage parlour in Kolkata. Body massage should be done by someone with skill and knowledge of how to give you relaxtion. So when you are looking for body massage in Kolkata you should choose the best massage center in Kolkata where your time and money investment will do great benefit for your body and mind. Body massage not only relaxes our body but also our mind. It releases all the stress from our body. We can claim that we are the best Body massage parlour in Kolkata because we understand the need of your. We know that when after weeks or months of hardwork You come for a massage you want the best body massage for your body. That is our main motif. We only want to satisfy the needs you have. This dedication level makes our customers to come back to us again and again. And this makes us the best body massage parlour in Kolkata.

SPA Team

We offer multiple services of body massage and spa rituals that you can choose from starting with Body Sap services to Night time services. Although the spa industry is a huge blooming industry it lack proper administrative skills to attract posh clients and feed their needs. At our parlour we hire only experts and professionals to make sure that you are not hindered in any way as your satisfaction and relaxation is our topmost priority.

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Thai Foot Massage

In this exotic massaging style, the therapist alleviates muscular pains ailments by rhythmic pressing and stretching of entire body.

Deep Tissue Massage

The process inclusive of body wraps and aqua therapy helps in skin rehydration.It relaxes inner levels of muscles to bring down stress and refreshes mood.

Foot Spa

It refers to the dual techniques of pedicure and manicure. Besides removing body toxins with care, this therapy boosts body stamina.

Thai Body Massage

At Jessica, we provide waxing as unwanted hair removal solution. Our experts are also skilled in providing Brazilian wax treatment to clear away hair from genital areas.

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  • Thai Foot Massage
    1000/- 2 Hours Per Person
  • Foot Spa
    1600/- 2 Hours Per Person
  • Head Neck & Shoulder Massage
    900/- 2 Hours Per Person
  • De Stressed Body & Shoulder Massage
    1700/- 2 Hours Per Person
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