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As spas increase in number and popularity across the country, many people appear to be viewing their treatments as an essential component for a happy life.Massage therapy is an excellent alternative treatment for various ailments and for overall general health. Spa massage in Kolkata nowadays is essential to the life of a common woman. It not only provides the much needed physical relaxation but also to calm the mind and the soul.Massage treatments are among the most well-known spa services that are provided by different health and wellness establishments. However, the treatments are generally too expensive, which is why you should avail of the best deals.A getaway at a spa is a nice way to relax, and some therapeutic techniques can even help you with injuries and discomforts. It is likely that a spa will offer a few different types of massage, and it is helpful to know the differences so that you can choose the best and most helpful method for you. Swedish, deep tissue and hot Body Massage Center in Kolkata are three types that are commonly offered at most establishments today.You need a Spa and massage. Don't you hate that feeling of stress when a special event creeps into your life, whether it's organizing a wedding day or chasing a deadline for an elephant size project, and before know you begin to feel that knot in your shoulder? Suddenly you realize you need a medication holiday to adjust your work-life balance.



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Getting a spa session is the best way for women to relax and recharge themselves in the pleasant salon environment. Visiting a spa is extremely effective for relieving the stress of everyday life. The soothing body massages parlour in Kolkata, extensive range of hair, nail and facial treatments available make sure that you enjoy being pampered.Spa massage now a days is essential to the life of a common woman. It not only provides the much needed physical relaxation but also to calm the mind and the soul.A body massage in Kolkata that thoroughly invigorates and revitalizes - the deep tissue massage is a massage therapy that re-aligns layers of muscles and deep tissues to release muscle tension and chronic knots by breaking them down.

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  • Thai Foot MassageRs 1000/-
  • Foot SpaRs 1600/-
  • Head Neck & Shoulder MassageRs 900/-
  • De Stressed Body & Shoulder MassageRs 1700/-
  • Head Neck Shoulder & Foot MassageRs 1500/-
  • Aroma Oil MassageRs 2300/-
  • Swedish Oil MassageRs 2400/-
  • Deep Tissue MassageRs 2600/-
  • Thai Body MassageRs 1800/-
  • Hot Stone TherapyRs 4000/-
  • Hair OilingRs 1000/-
  • Four Hand MassageRs 3500/-
  • Choclate MassageRs 2580/-
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Our services are made in such customization that a customer can choose their spa according to his or her needs. The services provided by us will make sure that you can get a complete relaxed time and our body massage techniques will relax your mind, soul, and body so that you will feel fresh and free after our session. Our foot massage and other services are also very tempting and pristine. Our services are booked by telephone now but later on, we will be providing with online booking.

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I will be at your service for spa treatments. I am a professional and trained in all types of spa services. Visit our spa center to avail my services.


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I am a professional and expert in full body spa treatments. I am also a perfect masseuse. If you want to relax your mind and soul then visit our spa center to achieve it.

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